Jordan Moment
Sports Manager | ATV

Jeff Golditch

Business Director | ATV


Lauren Cenedella
Program Manager & VP | ATV

Brian Kanoth
Faculty Advisor to ATV

Anchor TV Team

Tyrell Threats McNeil
​Production Manager | ATV


Richard Cenedella 
​Webmaster | ATV

​Caitlyn Tiodor
Promotions Manager | ATV2.0
Jake Elmslie
President & GM | ATV

Erica Clark
​News Manager | ATV

Tom Lima
​Technology Manager | ATV


Alec Ematrudo
Graphics Manager | ATV

Rebecca Norman
​Assistant Production Manager | ATV

Anchor TV is the student run television station at Rhode Island College. You can watch Anchor TV on Channel 3 on campus, or at Meetings are held every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in Gaige 204. Come by with your ideas!


-YouTube: *All of our shows and filmed special events are on YouTube*